How To Want More Intimacy

WITHOUT Feeling Pressure or Obligation

Thurs. Jan 21, 12:00 pm Pacific

Hosted by Jessa Zimmerman, MA, LMHC, Certified Sex Therapist

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Make Intimacy a Pleasure, Not a Chore



  • Make it easier to access your desire for intimacy
  • Change the dynamics with your partner so that intimacy can be fun and easy for both of you
  • Create an intimate life that you can enjoy, without having to think about it
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What Others Have Said

"My husband and I found it very helpful, and we’ve already seen a vast improvement in our sex life! We went from a sexless marriage to having regular 'playground' time." - "Kris"


It "really got us thinking through things. It also enabled us to have much healthier conversations around sex than we have had in the past. Your insights and tools have been so beneficial." - "Taylor"